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Duties and Responsibilities

Section 4.1 (d) To facilitate the achievement of the percentage set forth in subsection (c), the Department (SBA) shall consult with each Government Agency on a regular and continuous basis throughout each fiscal year to ensure that, in respect of that year, each such Agency sets aside and allocates, to the best extent possible, at least twenty-five (25%) of all Procurement Contracts which it proposes to enter into during the year exclusively for Liberian-owned MSMEs. Each government agency shall make appropriate adjustments to its ‘set-asides’ of Procurement contracts throughout each year as circumstances warrant to ensure that the 25% allocation is achieved. Each Government Agency on a quarterly basis shall provide to the Department (SBA) such reports, materials, data and statistical information to confirm that the requirements of this section have been and will continue to be satisfied.

Section 4.2 (a) Each Government Agency shall at the conclusion of each fiscal quarter, or more frequently, if so requested by the Department, submit a report to the Department (SBA) setting out:

i. the extent of participation by Liberian-owned MSMEs in procurement contracts entered into by such government agency during the year;

ii. whether the Government agency achieved the goals established for that respective year pursuant to section 4.1; and

iii. if the Government Agency did not achieve such goals, the reason or reasons for such failure.


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