Our Projects

Here is a brief description of some of the projects undertaken by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in Liberia. To read in detail about each project, click on the link to the full document.


Lofa Women's Weaving Center (LWWC)

Lofa Women Weaving Center (LWWC)-- The Lofa Women Weaving Center was conceived in March 2014. The project will serve as a facility to organize and build the capacity of rural women cooperatives (50-150) members working in the textile sector to produce "Lofa Cloth" for local and international markets. It will facilitate product and design development, innovation through competition among designers/weavers to produce quality products, using "Lofa Cloth." Most importantly, the project will provide on-the-job training for local weavers through apprenticeship program to improve their skills and handicraft techniques and help reduce poverty in rural communities. Click here to read more

Formalization of Petty Traders

The SBA at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is working along with National Petty Traders Union of Liberia (NAPETUL) to organize petty traders in Central Monrovia on designated sidewalks and formalize them. NAPETUL is a non-governmental organization with a membership of forty thousand (40,000) petty traders across 13 of the 15 counties in the country. The SBA has built market tables and stalls on designated sidewalks in Monrovia to help organize them by category of goods they sell. Click here to read more

The Liberia Innovative Fund for Entrepreneurs (LIFE)

The LIFE fund is a private sector investment fund established by the Government of Liberia and focused on developing and promoting innovations in the Liberian private sector by providing access to finance for ambitious businesses with strong acumen to create jobs for Liberian youths and those that foster innovation and development of key sectors of the Liberian economy. “LIFE” potential beneficiaries will be entrepreneurs with great innovative skills and potential to increase market share, both locally and internationally, and who are in need of financing interventions. The Fund is lodged at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI). The Fund will, among other things, address the challenge of high interest rate on small business loans.

The Entrepreneur-Plus(E-Plus) Program

The Entrepreneur-Plus(E-Plus) Program is another project the SBA has earmarked. It targets high school graduates/dropouts, college/university students/dropouts, and vocational students between the ages 18–35. The aim of the project is to stimulate and make this target group aware of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship as the drivers for creating successful business ventures. The program also targets other ambitious entrepreneurs especially marginalized rural and urban poor people (mainly women and youth) who have the ambition to start or grow their own businesses to sustain their families. Estimated total cost of the project is US$50,000.00.